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What’s UWAL?

When you search an address or name starting in the box above, you’re searching the title industry’s only multi-underwriter UWAL. The UWAL is the Underwriter’s Alert List.

These are the emails that you get from your underwriter that warn you not to insure certain people or addresses.

As a title company, you’re underwriters communicate important information through email bulletins and alerts. Title underwriters use these bulletins to communicate with their agents, and also to protect themselves. If you fail to avoid the risks they’ve warned you about in an email and that problem ever leads to a claim, they can force you to share in that claim.

How are you making sure that you’re not taking new orders that involve parties or addresses that your underwriter has warned you about?

Why do I care about the UWAL?

If you aren’t checking every new title order you get against every Underwriter Alert, you may insure a transaction that your Underwriter has called out. These transactions have a very high likelihood of claims and your Underwriter can – and likely will – ask you to participate in that claim. Just one of these could cost you a huge headache and a fortune, or even sink your entire business.

Is the person that processes new orders at your title agency checking every one against every single underwriter alert email you’ve gotten?

Even if you do try to do that, how sure are you that you haven’t made any mistakes and missed some alerts?

Other Underwriters also send alerts that you never get to see. Again, these transactions have a very high likelihood of claims. By using our UWAL, you’re cross checking multiple Underwriter’s Alerts to minimize your risk of a catastrophic claim. 

Next time you get a new title order, before you order a search or taxes and start incurring costs and risk, take 10 seconds and make sure your property, seller and buyer haven’t been cautioned by any major title underwriters, including yours. It might be the easiest thing you can do to save your business from a catastrophic loss.

About us

TitleBox was created to help you clear and cure title issues faster and easier. Starting with our UWAL, over the coming weeks and months TitleBox will release information, data and tools to help make your life in title insurance better.

We’re experienced title industry experts who recognize that clearing and curing issues on title is clunky and manual and the choke point of the process. It often involves handwritten notebooks, a lot of scrambling and a ton of administrative work (look up the number, order the payoff, scan the thing, fax the request). We want to create better ways and help you do your job faster and easier without over-complicating technology.

TitleBox is coming soon with data, information and tools that will surely speed your transactions and reduce your costs and risk.

Pre-Register Now

TitleBox is coming to Pennsylvania and New Jersey in June 2019. We’ve made room for only 75 companies to pre-register prior to release to gain access to:

  • • Preferred pricing
  • • Sneak peaks before your competitors
  • • Early access

If you have any questions about pre-release or have been invited and would like to learn more, please contact us here.

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