Powerful Tools for Title Insurance

Title companies, attorneys and conveyancers: it’s time to
stop feeling your way around in the dark when it comes
to clearing and curing issues on title.

How It Works

Start with an Address

Start by entering an address whenever you receive an order for title or settlement services.

Check the UWAL

We’ll start by checking the Underwriter Alert List for free, a multi-underwriter database of high-risk properties and people across the US. We’ll verify that your property, sellers or buyer hasn’t been cautioned by a title underwriter.

Clear Title

In 1, 2 or 3 clicks, research any requirement on your title search and get actionable and detailed information on how to clear it and move forward. Whether it’s an obscure scenario, judgment payoff contacts, real estate tax cert guidance, procedures or hundreds of other things. Your business has never moved this fast.

Close Fast and Safe

Clear title at lightning speed and reduce claims and mistakes!

Key Features

Everything you need to clear title.

Complete Judgement Index

Inside, you’ll find a database of every judgment possible in every county that we cover. Key rules will help you determine a quick elimination, actionable steps if not and key contacts to take fast action.

Underwriter Alert List

The UWAL is a list of high-risk properties and people that have been cautioned, collected from multiple title underwriters. It’s completely free to use, takes seconds and is your first line of defense against title claims!

Real Estate Tax Collector Detail

In some states, real estate tax certs and collection is private and painful to navigate. Simply verifying tax amounts or payments made and due can take hours to research and weeks of follow up. Inside, you’ll find our real estate tax collection database, designed to put the power in your hands.

Title Clearance Process and Procedures

Training new people in the title industry has always been apprentice-style and never had a formal process until now. Even experienced attorneys and title pros need systems at their fingertips for consistency and speed.

Detail and Answers for Every Possible Title Clearance Issue at Your Fingertips

The days of fumbling through notes from seminars and futilely searching useless virtual underwriter tools are over. Checklists, rules, forms, guidance and push-button action to clear judgments, mortgages, foreclosures, estates, entities, bankruptcies, divorce, chain of title issues and more.


Access the brain trust of title experts in your community and share your knowledge and experience. TitleBox is built for title, by title.

What’s in it for You

Imagine one person handling 50, 70, 120 transactions per month. Imagine expanding and taking on clients in new counties and states without the risk. Imagine reducing your risk of claims and human error. Imagine selling new realtors with shorter turn-around times.

Reduce Your
Operating Costs

Lower Your Risk of Claims

Unmatched Speed to Clear Title

Consistent Training and Procedures

What Our Customers Are Saying

TitleBox has helped people clear title issues in
hours or minutes that used to take days.

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