Nova Abstract relies on TitleBox to handle the nuts and bolts of its title operations

Before TitleBox, we felt always overwhelmed. I spend almost all of my time now with clients and my business just feels so much easier to run. The difference is really night and day.

Ping Shih



Nova Abstract is a small regional, single state title company with shared ownership of a mortgage originator and real estate sales. The single owner isn’t a title expert. The intent of the business is to make a profit and running this small title agency turned into much more than he thought he signed up for.

With two full-time employees, everyone – including Ping Shih, the owner – was running around doing everything. It was hectic and unfun and wasn’t making that much money.

The company’s underwriters were concerned about risk and keeping up with things like policies, recording and remittance and it was just overwhelming.

Ping wanted the title business to be about processing his transactions and making a good profit, not working nights and weekends, managing staff and worrying about risk.

They needed more people, but didn’t have the volume to support the increased payroll cost. There was rarely a down moment to work on the business, Ping and all of the staff were too busy working in the business, not to mention the time it took away from his other business.

They knew clients could feel this and they also knew they could grow, if only they had more time to focus on client service.


TitleBox stepped in and created a working integration for title clearance with Nova’s search company. Which meant that after Nova’s clients placed an order, the next time Nova had any work to do was to schedule closing.

“All of a sudden, we went from feeling overwhelmed to actually having time. We caught up on remittances and TitleBox even made it easy to produce title policies more quickly.”

Ping started spending more time at settlements and took an extended trip overseas, something that was virtually impossible for him to do before TitleBox.

“I actually started hearing compliments from our clients without asking, you don’t know how good that feels!”


Automated Title Clearing


TitleBox helped Nova relieve the pressure within the first thirty days. The owner is no longer dependent on one or two experienced employees, but can hire based on personality and easily train. The company is much easier to manage and has grown; now the owner and a single employee are easily handling more settlements then they were BT (before TitleBox). Both of them spend almost 100% of their time working with clients and settlements. 

Pressure Relieved in Just 30 Days

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