Settlements Ltd finds TitleBox to help increase speed and efficiency

I can tell you I love the product. TitleBox works seamlessly with my underwriter so they have instant access to my searches. It’s user friendly and the staff has been wonderful and when I need them, they respond almost instantaneously. I have TitleBox open on my desktop all day.”

Debra Patti



Like so many title agencies, balancing between examining, assessing and gathering all of the information needed to clear title, conducting settlements and servicing clients was always a challenge. When it’s busy, the pace can be hard to keep up with. When it’s slow, the high fixed costs of payroll can eat up profits and create pressure to layoff (something they absolutely hate to do).


The Settlements Ltd team always felt that if they didn’t have to spend time chasing down payoffs, clearing judgments, liens, estates, corporate entities, and so many other title clearance issues; focusing on settlement functions and clients with that time would bring measurable results.

They had their eyes open, but for years hadn’t found a strategic partner that could successfully help them execute this streamlined operation.


Settlements Ltd was introduced to TitleBox through a trusted underwriter relationship and after a thorough vetting process, getting onboard was quick and easy. TitleBox was able to deliver a working integration into their existing searcher relationships and Resware to create a fast process. TitleBox begins title clearance without anyone at Settlements Ltd having to push anything along; it’s seemingly automatic.


Of Pipeline Clear to Close at Any Given Time


Over 92% of Settlements Ltd’s pipeline is ‘clear-to-close’ at any given time.

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