The success of a real estate transaction involves logistics and lots of communication between
lenders, agents, buyers, sellers, borrowers, or attorneys. All of these moving parts means that
settlement services companies are busy. Simplifying the rest of the business operation is critical
to success.

But the rest of the business is anything but simple.

This is especially true today; client’s expectations and demands for speed are higher than ever
and experienced people are less available and more expensive than ever.

The world and the business have outgrown the strategy of hiring experienced title experts and
creating business processes around them.

This has created the greatest need ever to problem solve within the settlement services
industry. At the very same time, technology has evolved to a point of finally offering real
solutions and advancement of the real estate transaction; something that can’t truly evolve
without the title industry.

We believe technology is a means to an end, not a benefit by itself.

The question we should ask is, “What do I want to accomplish with the technology I choose to
run my business?”

● Lower costs?
● Shorten time from search to settlement?
● Operate leaner with less need for experienced hires?
● Increase profits?
● Reduce headaches?
● Something else?

TitleBox is focused on creating the cleanest operating system for title companies.

We’re automating title clearance so you can take on as much or as little of the process as you

Go from your title search to clear-to-close easier, faster and painlessly with LIVESearch
or Full-Service.

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