What exactly is TitleBox?

TitleBox is title-in-a-box for title companies. 

By solving for the clunky, typically manual way title evaluation, clearance and curative is done, title companies are now able to move faster, easier and more profitably than ever.

Order your search, prepare your Closing Disclosure. TitleBox handles everything in between.

We’ve developed proprietary data and technology for speed, accuracy and consistent risk management that hasn’t been seen before. Any title requirement – no matter how common or complex – is identified, evaluated and cleared in record time.

We’re the best use of both artificial and human intelligence to increase the speed and reduce the cost and headache of getting from title search to settlement.


Why is TitleBox better than what I’m doing now?

The success of a title company is directly tied to response times and attention given to clients. Demands from realtors and lenders have grown to dominate the time of most title agents.

Taking the weight of clearing title off of a title company’s shoulders, opens up time to focus on clients and reduces costs. Speeding the time from order to clear-to-close by days or even weeks will make a massive difference in your business and quality of life.

TitleBox enables companies to do much more with much less.

How does TitleBox fit into my workflow?

Our work begins the second the title search is complete. We have working integrations with many search companies and underwriters that allows us to fit in seamlessly with your current workflow without you having to trigger anything manually.

We receive your title search automatically, instantly examine it and pair it with data specific to the property location. Many functions of title evaluation, clearance and curative are automated; the more challenging are managed by experienced, expert human hands.

You have 24/7 real-time access to your entire pipeline and visibility of every element of your file as it makes its way through clearance, in real-time.

What does TitleBox need to start clearing my file?
The title search. Working integrations are possible to handoff this and other items with ease and without any manual work on your part.
Is there a volume or any long-term commitment?

Simply put, no. 

You can begin using or testing TitleBox without any commitment. If you choose a longer-term commitment, preferred pricing is available. 


When working with TitleBox, do I have to send all of my files for clearance, or can I choose?
You can utilize TitleBox for your entire pipeline and put an end to clearing title completely, or you can decide which transactions you’d like us to handle.

LIVESearch – our instant title evaluation and examination – will quickly score each of your transactions. You can then choose which you’d like us to handle, all in one click.

Does it matter what searcher I work with?
Not at all! We have working integrations with many search companies and underwriters so we can begin clearing title with Auto-Order Flow with no effort on your part.
In What states does TitleBox operate?

Our data and title clearing is currently available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky. New states are coming soon.

How much money will working with TitleBox save my company?
Our process enables us to be extremely cost effective for the most streamlined transactions and give the expert attention needed to more complex ones.

There are many measurable cost savings of using TitleBox versus the current, manual process of title clearing.

Contact us for pricing details for your title agency.

How long does it take to get started?
From the time a client signs up with us, we can start working in as quickly as 24 hours.
What’s your turnaround time?
Speed is one of the improvements you’ll feel most when working with TitleBox.

Speed of title clearance is often dependent on receiving information from third parties, such as payoffs, releases, satisfactions, letters of indemnity and more. Because of this, we can’t guarantee times from order to clear, but we do deeply measure every aspect of our process and workflow and have very reliable data on our speed. Most transactions have a median time from search-completion to clear-to-close between 1 – 3 days.

Contact us to learn more about turnaround times and exactly what you can expect.

What if I need to talk to someone or have a question?
We assign a team of experts to help you out, so if you ever have a question, you can always get a person from TitleBox to help you. There’s an individual human being accountable for every transaction and contact with that person is one touch away in TitleBox’s live portal.
What does TitleBox deliver when my file is clear?
In addition to all supporting documentation and evidence once a transaction is deemed clear-to-close, TitleBox will also deliver your Settlement Checklist: a clear instruction list communicating exactly what your team needs to know to build your CD/HUD accurately, quickly and consistently.

Still Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer your question and you’re still not sure how to do something, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you and help get you on the right track. We’re obsessed with making TitleBox the perfect experience for clearing title, so we welcome any and all feedback!

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