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Our Story

Over a dozen years operating as a title agency, we’ve observed slow but solid changes in the actual work of managing risk and money in real estate transactions.

The one thing we haven’t seen change at all is the hardest
and most time consuming part – clearing title

Searching a property is the ‘what is it,’ while clearing potential encumbrances and managing the risk of acquisition is the ‘what do we do about it.’

The knowledge needed is hyper-local. A person could spend an entire career in title clearance or as a real estate attorney and only be an expert in one state or even just a few counties – a small fraction of the US. Until now, there has been no repository of this vast information and no real collaboration among the title community.

TitleBox was born from title nerds looking for a better way to ‘do something about it.’ We’ve watched title officers and title clearance experts spend most of their time doing administrative work instead of critical decision-making and decided to create a better way.

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