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How do we do it?

Based on one case study, actively using TitleBox 

  • Reduced turn-around time by an average of four days per transaction
  • Increased the average number of files a single person carries by 52%

We measured the amount of time a title company employee spends clearing title versus doing things that touch clients and found that it’s almost even. Meaning, half of your team’s time is spent away from clients, working on title clearance issues. 

But we also measured how long it would take to fully address client demand, meaning the time truly needed by your team to reasonably respond to all client communication and deliver really happy clients. It’s over 60 hours per week, per person. Your team is spending roughly 20 hours per week on a job that really needs 60 hours per week, and clients feel that. 


More Files Carried by a Single Person

Days Shorter Turnaround Time Per Transaction

TitleBox is a comprehensive database of information from the high level down to the very granular, to help speed the work of clearing title and produce consistency in managing risk and taking action.

Your title clearance or examination team can access our proprietary data to have any information and action about clearing title at their fingertips, including

  • Solutions for every possible title encumbrance by easy to access category
  • Rules and practices of how items attach to title in different states and counties and how to eliminate them 
  • Contact information for deep, specific clearance actions like municipal payoffs, tax collectors, utilities, municipal and city contacts and more
  • UWAL or the Underwriter alert list, a multi-underwriter database of high-risk properties and people across the US. We’ll verify that your property, sellers or buyer hasn’t been cautioned by a title underwriter. 
  • Potholes are things you need to know before you close that typically aren’t on your title search. Locally specific risk, clearance and settlement procedures that will get you in trouble if you don’t know 

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